Patent Pending Height Gage

The height gage is presently designed to fit 6″ and 8″ Mitutoyo Electronic Calipers, but can also make a model that will fit Starrett and Brown & Sharpe Electronic Calipers as well.

Works with your caliper!

Fully Customizable

The gage’s base can be laser engraved to display any personal message or company logo for your special recognitions or events. We can also supply 1/8″ grid post-it nots featuring your personal message and/or company logo.

Personalize it as a gift!


The Height Gage’s platform is made of heavy-duity anodized aluminum. The caliper is held securely in place by a powerful rare-earth magnet and a knurled brass locking wheel. You can insert and remove your caliper in seconds. The base is 8” wide and 5-7/8” deep and 7/8” high (203 x 150 x 22 mm).

Stylish desktop accessory!